News dalla rete ITA

6 Maggio 2022



The Finnish Startup Community has announced a summary of wishes and ideas from the 130 member companies, these include Finland's largest growth companies and early-stage startups. "We have listened to and asked Finnish startup entrepreneurs at different stages about what we could do better in Finland to support their growth journeys", quoted by Riikka Pakarinen, the CEO of Finnish Startup Community. "Our top goal is to make Finland the best place in the world for the best talent – and a Finland that is more attractive than Silicon Valley to start and grow a startup company. In this way, the Finnish startup sector can grow into a new central pillar to support the Finnish economy, bringing jobs and tax revenue.". The proposals are: make sure that Finland is the best target country in the world for labor migration, hard work to assure competence and augment RDI spending, especially work with startups that can help solve climate change and health technology challenges, make The Platform Economy rules of play clearer, tax incentives, review and interpret the legislation on blockchains and cryptocurrencies and finally, make share exchange arrangements possible with EFTA countries and the United States. (ICE STOCCOLMA)

Fonte notizia: Helsinki Times 21.4.22