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24 Maggio 2022

Italia - Israele

DORAL ENVIRONMENTAL INFRASTRUCTURE, HAD ENTERED INTO A MEMORANDUM of understanding to purchase 50% of the shares of Eco Consul

Doral, the Israeli energy company, reported that its subsidiary, Doral Environmental Infrastructure, had entered into a memorandum of understanding to purchase 50% of the shares of Eco Consul, which specializes in waste treatment and energy production using biogas technology in Italy.Eco is a leading company in Italy in the field of waste treatment. It owns, among other assets, an active facility for the production of electricity from municipal organic waste using biogas technology and additional facilities for the treatment of municipal waste sorted at source.In exchange for 50% of Eco's shares, Doral Environmental Infrastructure will pay the company a total of 4.8 million euros , at the time of the completion of the transaction and against the transfer of the shares by the Italian company. Doral Environmental Infrastructure will have an option to purchase an additional 25% of Eco shares in the amount of approximately 2.4 million euros (subject to the terms set out in the detailed agreement). The total annual income from Eco's operations in 2021 was about 55 million NIS. (ICE TEL AVIV)

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