News dalla rete ITA

30 Maggio 2022



The Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment recently came out with a new prognosis concerning employment rates in the country from now until 2024. Unemployment is low and expected to drop below 6% by 2024 with the employment rate rising to 74,3%. Hufvudstadsbladet writes that the main reason behind the increase compared to recent years is that employment among persons 55 and older is up considerably. Unemployment among youths is also down, and expected to reach the lowest levels since the crisis in 2008 later this year. According to undersecretary of State Elina Pylkkänen the biggest concern for the future is a potential shortage of labour. She also points out that the reason that the employment prognosis can be so positive while the economic growth expectations have been lowered is that changes in growth reach the labour market with delay. (ICE STOCCOLMA)

Fonte notizia: Hufvudstadsbladet 25.05.2022.