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21 Giugno 2022



Finnish online media Startup100, published by the non-profit association Startup Finland Ry, has published its first ever report on the impact startups from Finland in collaboration with Startup Foundation and Google. The startups were validated as impact startups by comparing their product or service to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and seeing if the company’s solution worked towards any of the listed development goals.An impact startup can be defined in multiple ways, but according to the Startup Foundation, impact entrepreneurship happens when a company has the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.The chosen 318 companies were categorized in the following industries: cleantech, climatech, energy, new materials, consumer goods & marketplace, data and analytics, edtech, healthtech, medtech, foodtech, mobility, and other. The most popular industry was healthtech with 59 companies in the category, whereas cleantech only had four companies.The report shows that impact startups have developed significantly in the past years, both in terms of revenue increase and amount of raised funding. In terms of the biggest funding rounds, the top 10 impact startups, including startups such as Iceye, Swappie, and Oura, have raised almost 900 million euros. While looking at the different categories the average funding round sizes differed significantly.For every fully female-founded impact startup, there were 7,5 all-male founded companies. In total, 66% of companies were all-male founded, 9% female-founded, and 12% had mixed gender founder teams, meaning that there were both females and males in the founding team. For the remaining 13% of the companies’, their founding team couldn’t be determined. Startups founded by men raised seven times more funding per capita than startups founded by women. (ICE STOCCOLMA)

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