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23 Giugno 2022



Kazakh Parliament adopts amendments to raise MET on exchange-traded metals by 50%The Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan adopted the bill "On amendments to the Tax Code.”"The bill increases the mineral extraction tax on exchange-traded metals by 50%, and by 30% on other solid minerals," Minister of National Economy Alibek Kuantirov said at the meeting.The Minister noted that the tax rate on gold and silver is set at 7.5%.The amendments also provide for an exemption from the mineral extraction tax for new deposits that are scheduled to start production after December 31, 2022, and until reaching profitability of 15%, for no more than five years."In order to prevent the outflow of capital, the bill revokes all dividend privileges for non-residents," the minister said.The bill provides for raising excise duties on cigarettes and  other types of tobacco products within the EAEU.,The bill also provides for levying higher taxes on digital mining. At the beginning of this year, a tax on digital mining was set at 1 tenge per 1 kWh of electricity consumed. (ICE ALMATY)

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