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1 Agosto 2022

Bosnia Erzegovina


EBRD approved the Project: Construction of two tram track lines from Ilidza to Hrasnica, including the construction of a U-turn in Hrasnica (12.96 km in total length), and 20 new tram stations on this route (the "Project").The Project is part of the EBRD's Green Cities Framework 2 - Window II Extension 2 (the"Framework") and was identified as a priority project under the Canton's Green City Action Plan ("GCAP").Project Objectives: Reduction of traffic congestion, especially during the rush hours, by providing better, faster and greener urban transport service alternatives, thus promoting the shift from the usage of personal vehicles and diesel buses to cleaner public tram transport service.The Project will primarily help to promote the Green transition quality by development of electric public transport that will significantly reduce the use of diesel busses on the route as well as target the shift from the use of private cars to cleaner public transport. The investments will result over 85 per cent reduction of CO2 emissions and reduction of other pollutants as SO2, NOx PM2.5, and PM10.The Project will also support the Well-Governed objective through provision of assistance to Sarajevo for developing a Corporate Development Programme ("CDP"), Gender Action Plan ("GAP") for the successor of the Canton's incumbent public transport operator KJKP GRAS, as well as development of the Staff Retrenchment Plan ("SRP") for KJKP GRAS.EBRD Finance Summary: EUR 25,000,000.00. The total estimated project cost is EUR 34.8 million including capital investments and donor-funded technical assistance (consultancy services). (ICE ZAGABRIA)

Fonte notizia: EBRD, 12.07.2022.