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23 Settembre 2022



ETHIOPIA - Ethiopian Airlines and the Italian company Geven Skytecno have officially started the production of insulation components for Boeing-737. The aerospace manufacturing facility required an investment of over $ 6 million.  During the inauguration ceremony, the chief executive of the Ethiopian group, Mesfin Tasew, said that the airline has produced six sets of insulating components for the Boeing-737 aircraft.  According to him, the local production will allow Ethiopia to make 726 sets over the next 8 or 9 years and supply them to Boeing.  The production of the insulating components will allow the transfer of technological know-how to Ethiopia, Mesfin said.  “The second advantage is to generate strong currency for our country. There are African countries that operate in this sector and generate up to $ 1 billion in revenue per year.  We don't assemble planes here, but our goal is to manufacture a part of them, ”he added.  Geven Skytecno CEO Alberto Veneruso said there is a huge growth opportunity in the sector.  The Italian ambassador to Ethiopia, Agostino Palese, said on his part that the inauguration of the structure for the production of insulating parts increases and strengthens the economic cooperation and partnership between Ethiopia and Italy.  "Italy - he concluded - remains committed to continuing to favor the economic development of Ethiopia. We firmly believe in the growth potential of the Ethiopian economy and are confident that all relevant institutions will continue to work with us to create an environment conducive to business and to the benefit of our peoples ".  [EC] © All rights reserved (ICE ADDIS ABEBA)

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