News dalla rete ITA

26 Settembre 2022



Trade Minister Zulkifli Hasan released the textile exports and textile products (TPT) of PT Sri Rejeki Isman Tbk (Sritex) as many as 50 containers worth 3.7 million US dollars to 20 countries, from Sukoharjo, Central Java. He is optimistic that the textile industry and textile products (TPT) are back to stretching and rising from the Pandemic crisis. TPT products that are exported include garment, finished cloth, and yarn with the destination of 20 countries in the world such as Sweden, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, Bangladesh, Portugal, Poland, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Mexico, Japan, Argentina, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Turkey, Spain, India, the United States, and Qatar. Indonesia is ranked on the 16th as a TPT exporter country with a market share of 1.44 percent in 2021. Over the past year, exports of Indonesian TPT products experienced significant growth compared to the previous year. In 2021, the export value of the Indonesian TPT recorded a value of 12.9 billion US dollars, up 25.52 percent compared to 2020 which was recorded at 10.5 billion US dollars. Some of the destination countries for Indonesian textile exports have also experienced significant growth. Five countries with a significant increase were Honduras which rose (140 percent), Sweden (58.8 percent), Mexico (49.1 percent), Bangladesh (up 46.6 percent), and Canada (44.3 percent). He added, the government would continue to support the overall growth of the TPT industry. In the upstream sector, namely by evaluating a more conducive foreign trade policy, interpreted by opening new export market access through the expansion of trade agreements (PTA, FTA or CEPA). While in the downstream sector, among others, by increasing trade promotion/mission, fostering the fashion industry, especially modest fashion to make Indonesia the world modest fashion trend. (ICE GIACARTA)

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