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28 Settembre 2022



Today, Türkiye will inaugurate its 20th city hospital, a massive health care complex serving a large population, in the capital Ankara. Etlik City Hospital will be the biggest in the country in terms of the area and will host a hotel, university, helipads and commercial spaces.Since 2017, when the first city hospital was inaugurated in the central province of Yozgat, 18 more have been opened across Türkiye.City hospitals, reflect the government’s health care reforms for quality service to patients in public hospitals.Health Ministry plans to open 14 more city hospitals in the near future, bringing the number to 33 and contributing an additional 19.000 beds to Turkish hospitals’ capacity.Etlik City Hospital , will have about 4.000 beds and will be the second city hospital serving the capital. It covers an area of more than 1 million square meters. (ICE ISTANBUL)

Fonte notizia: Daily Sabah