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18 Ottobre 2022

Italia - Libia - Sudan - Etiopia - Somalia - Uganda - Tanzania - Zambia - Sud Africa


AFRICA - The key role of young Africans in the social, educational and economic empowerment of African communities up to the use of new technologies and the increasingly central role of women. This is the common thread that unites the images of the African Youth photo book.In the shots by Riccardo Venturi and in the texts by Lorenzo Colantoni, "the deepest and most decisive soul" for the transformation of the 21st century into the century of Africa is told. "It is not just a demographic issue - write the authors referring to the strong increase in the population that has been recorded for some time and which will remain so in the coming decades - but also social: it is the new African generations who collect and promote the inputs that could allow many countries that leap towards a stable and lasting development, desired but not achieved since the days of independence from the colonial powers ".The book was created by professional photographers of the Akronos Cultural Association and is part of an initiative supported by AICS - the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation and the Enel Foundation. On 18 October, as part of African October, it will be presented at Luiss (6 pm, viale Romania 32, Rome). In addition to the authors, present among others Emilio Ciarlo, Head of Institutional Relations and Communication of Aics, Raffaele Marchetti, Vice-Rector for internationalization Luiss, Mehret Tewolde, Vice-president of the Le Réseau Association (ICE ADDIS ABEBA)

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