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20 Ottobre 2022

Israele - Bahrein


As part of the International Summit on Food Technologies from the Sea and the Desert taking place in Eilat (18-20 October 2022), Israel and Bahrain’s agriculture ministers signed a historic agreement of cooperation in the field of agriculture.The conference, an initiative of Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, took place with the participation of ministers of agriculture and senior officials from around the world, with a focus on promoting cooperation and innovation in aquaculture, as part of global efforts to address food security.Israeli Agriculture Minister Oded Forer and his Bahraini counterpart, H.E. Wael Bin Nasser Al Mubarak, signed a joint declaration for the promotion and expansion of cooperation between the State of Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain in the fields of agriculture, livestock, and food security. This comes in addition to mutual sharing of knowledge, technology, and diverse products to expand agricultural products and improve the quality of their production. (ICE TEL AVIV)

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