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24 Ottobre 2022

Sudan - Senegal - Liberia - Repubblica del Congo - Ruanda - Etiopia - Eritrea - Somalia - Uganda - Tanzania - Zambia - Zimbabwe - REPUBBLICA SUD SUDAN


AFRICA - Priorities, perspectives and criticalities of relations between Italy and Africa will be examined on 25, 26, 27 October during the ItalAfrica Strategic Symposium, the international conference organized by the Centro Studi Internazionali (Cesi), the magazine Africa & Affari and E4Impact with the support of ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation. The aim of the scheduled meetings is to foster the debate between the Italian and African components. The conference will take place in the hall of the Pio IX Officers Conference, in Rome, with the possibility of being followed also online. The proceedings will take place in English.As part of People, Planet Prosperity, the priorities identified by the Italian Presidency of the G20, ItalAfrica brings together various Italian and African stakeholders from public institutions, the private sector, academia and civil society to reflect on the main challenges and opportunities for cooperation between the Italy and the African continent, with particular attention to the Sahel region, West Africa and the Horn of Africa. The discussion will revolve around four main areas: African identities and cultural diplomacy, capacity building and technological enhancement, energy transition and economic growth driven by renewable resources, and trade synergies in emerging sectors of the African economy.On Tuesday 25 October, after the initial greetings, the opening debate will provide "the big picture" in which the Conference takes place, with a particular focus on cooperation between African and Italian institutions and the private sector.  Afterwards, from 2.00 pm, Africa e Affari will be the protagonist of the special dialogue on African identities and cultural diplomacy, which will be moderated by the editor-in-chief of the magazine, Massimo Zaurrini.  Adama Sanneh, co-founder and CEO of Moleskine Foundation and Francesca Declich, president of the Association of African Studies in Italy (Asai) will speak.  The debate will seek to identify the channels of cooperation that can lead to improving mutual interests between Italy and Africa, as well as building a fruitful intercultural dialogue.The following day will be dedicated to meetings on African capacity development and technological enhancement and the role of renewables in the energy transition in Africa.  A round table will be held from 15:00 to discuss how to create favorable conditions to increase investment in clean energy technologies, thus supporting the sustainable transformation of African economies.  Speakers will be Tomas Nhabetse, professor of the Universidade Save, Luca Traini, head of the energy access program, Res4Africa, Fabio Tambone, director of international foreign affairs of the Regulatory Authority for energy, networks and environment, and Lerato Petronella Radebe, secretary of the 'Embassy of South Africa in Italy.  Gianfranco Belgrano, editorial director of Africa e Affari will moderate the meeting.The final day of the symposium will focus on trade synergies in emerging sectors of the African economy, first presenting the opportunities of public-private partnerships and then illustrating the advantages offered by the Continental Free Trade Area and other key sectors.  The final conclusions of the conference will be entrusted to Fabrizio Lobasso, Deputy Central Director for Sub-Saharan Africa, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. (ICE ADDIS ABEBA)

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