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2 Novembre 2022

Tunisia - Egitto - Sudan - Senegal - Ruanda - Etiopia - Kenya - Uganda - Tanzania - Sud Africa


AFRICA - The issue of climate transition is the main theme of the actions of the European Investment Bank (EIB) in Africa: this was underlined by Ambroise Fayolle, vice president of EIB, in an interview with La Tribune Afrique, of which we report some passages. Fayolle explains that the issue of climate transition “corresponds to our general policy, namely the transformation of the EIB into a European Climate Bank. We have a roadmap that also applies to our action outside Europe, therefore in Africa, which means that we will significantly increase the volumes of our funding for projects that allow us to better fight climate change, both in the field of renewable energy and that of energy efficiency or adaptation ". Fayolle then specifies that if the EIB is able to finance green and low carbon hydrogen projects on African soil, this will make it possible to develop particularly interesting industrial procedures, because they will benefit from this low carbon level. The rather complex global situation has prompted the EIB “to review the strategy in the direction of accelerating investments in relation to climate change. We believe that if we want to be in line with the goals we set ourselves with the 2015 Paris Agreement or with the European strategy for carbon neutrality 2050 and the necessary energy independence, we must accelerate green investments. And that's what we are implementing ”. However, the EIB will not only do climate-related projects in Africa. “We have another important theme in favor of improving health. In Africa in particular, we strongly support the idea that there are vaccines made on African soil for Africans. We have therefore funded very interesting projects with the Institut Pasteur in Dakar in Senegal or in Rwanda or in South Africa, in order to help promote this vaccine production on the African continent, ”he told La Tribune Afrique. Another important chapter, those of financing aid for small and medium-sized enterprises in Africa. Fayolle announces that several EIB financing projects will be launched by Cop27 in Egypt. For more information: (ICE ADDIS ABEBA)

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