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22 Novembre 2022

Ruanda - Etiopia - Kenya - Uganda


EAST AFRICA - The East African Business Council (EABC) and the International Trade Center (ITC) have launched an online platform designed to increase the competitive advantage of East African small businesses. The platform named My East African Soko or Myeasoko will provide an avenue for small businesses in the region to support their recovery, build resilience and drive growth using digital technologies. “My East African Soko will reintroduce small businesses to global markets, enable them to join regional value chains and provide them with opportunities to expand,” said Pamela Coke-Hamilton, executive director of the ITC. Merchants and service providers from across the region can interact on the platform's web portal or mobile application to access business information, market their products online, attract international buyers and expand their business opportunities. Additional services available on the platform include an integrated e-marketplace, a business listing portal, and an SME training academy. Small businesses will also have access to the information they need to support their cross-border trade initiatives, including AfCFTA trade documents and procedures for pre-screened shipments of goods to any of the countries identified under the Guided Trade Initiative. As part of the available e-commerce services, the platform has also integrated a mobile app notification system to ensure seamless interaction between small businesses and EABC for efficient last mile delivery. The platform will also enable the region's business communities to accept online payments, track product delivery and provide 24-hour customer support through an integrated chat support system and social media. Areas with low internet coverage will be able to access the platform using an Android mobile application currently available for download. According to the statement released by EABC and ITC, the platform was developed under the five-year One Trade Africa corporate program.  SMEs provide goods and services that are better suited to local markets, stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship, support economic growth and account for 60% of jobs in the EAC. For more information:  click here   (ICE ADDIS ABEBA)

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