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16 Novembre 2022



RWANDA - Zola Electric, an emerging-market energy technology company, announced the successful launch of the first-of-its-kind distributed mini-grid.  The 120 kWp solar mini-grid project, installed in Gakagati I and II farming villages in Nyagatare, Rwanda, will provide clean, affordable and reliable energy to over 1000 homes, businesses, schools and clinics. First of its kind, the distributed mini-grid – with decentralized and modular technology – allows for infinite scalability to power not only villages but also the largest cities. This modularity extends to the ability to connect and work together with a nationwide network or other mini-grids. Zola is the world's first technology platform purpose-built to deliver clean, reliable and affordable energy to the 2.2 billion people and hundreds of millions of businesses around the world who currently lack access to it. The Gakagati project is transforming local community life by powering 931 homes, 58 businesses, three religious centres, a school, a health center and five irrigation systems, with an expected gradual expansion of capacity to 240 kWp over two years. The grid runs on solar energy provided by Equatorial Power.  "As the world's first distributed mini-grid, it is another milestone in ZOLA's mission to solve energy access and energy equality in emerging markets while protecting the environment, supporting economic development, and supporting the livelihoods of those in need,” said Bill Lenihan, CEO of ZOLA Electric (ICE ADDIS ABEBA)

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