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24 Novembre 2022



VNI - Vietnam is considered to have a particularly important position in Apple’s supply chain. This is the reason why this company is increasingly promoting production activities in Vietnam. The iPhone is currently one of the most popular smartphones in the world. Every year, Apple ships nearly 250 million iPhones and holds nearly 20% market share in this industry. According to PhoneArena, Vietnam has a strategic position for global shipping. Vietnam’s geographical location is close to Apple’s existing supply chain headquarters in China, Japan, and many other countries. In recent years, Apple has continuously stepped up its production activities in Vietnam. Apple started assembling AirPods in Vietnam in March 2020. After that, a series of other products such as AirPods Pro, iPad, MacBook and Apple Watch were also manufactured in Vietnam. The Cupertino giant achieves these goals through manufacturing partners such as Foxconn, Pegatron and Wistron. According to reports, Apple has started assembling products at 11 factories operated by different manufacturing companies in Vietnam since the beginning of 2022. Even so, the majority of the company’s production facilities are still in China. Several important electronic components are sourced from this region. Moreover, China still has a lot of manufacturing infrastructure already in place. However, the site PhoneArena notes that the dominance of this country is likely to decrease over time. Vietnam is emerging as an ideal manufacturing hub for products like Apple Watch, Mac, iPad and AirPods. For iPhones, India is the location of choice for supply chain diversification outside of China, according to a JPMorgan analyst. This expert estimates that Apple will move about 25% of iPhone production to India and 65% of AirPods production to Vietnam by 2025. Other products that can also be assembled outside of China include iPad, MacBook and Apple Watch. (ICE HO CHI MINH CITY)

Fonte notizia: Vietnam Insider