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12 Gennaio 2023



In 1945, Middle East Airlines (MEA) was established, and then, the airline has been carrying the name Lebanon around many borders.  Today, all these years of success are reflected by a new building bearing the Cedar of Lebanon, the sign of steadfastness, reflecting the image of this country that, despite everything.  On October 17, 2017, the foundation stone was laid for Middle East Airlines' new General Administration building.  On January 9, 2023, they celebrated the opening of this green building, which coincided with the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Mohamad El Hout's assuming the presidency of the company's board of directors.   This green building was completed according to the highest international standards and is called green because it is environmentally friendly in terms of energy saving and the green spaces around it, which will increase with the conversion of the old building into green spaces and sports fields for employees after moving to the new building.   As for the inside, it has two sections: a section that is a residence for trainees and conference attendees, including pilots and engineers, who will go to the Training and Conference Center, and is expected to complete in May 2023, and a section that includes the various departments of the company's general administration, the Air Operations Department, and the Informatics Center, which contains the data section and the latest data center in Lebanon and the region.   The green building area is 46,200 square meters, consisting of 4 floors above the ground, ready-to-receive employees, four underground bases, and three parking spaces.   Now, people can witness a massive building as a front for Middle East Airlines, which has become 78 years old, and this is the most significant proof that Lebanon's flight dreams are coming true and their limits are in the sky. (ICE BEIRUT)

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