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16 Gennaio 2023

Bielorussia - Russia - Armenia - Kazakistan - Kirghizistan


EAEU countries boost agricultural production 5.1% to $154.8 bln in Jan-Nov 2022 - Eurasian Economic CommissionAgricultural production at farms of all categories in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) rose 5.1% year-on-year in January-November 2022 to $154.8 billion, the Eurasian Economic Commission said.Growth was observed in all states, at 8.5% in Kazakhstan, 6.4% in Kyrgyzstan, 4.7% in Russia, 3.5% in Belarus, and 0.5% in Armenia."The positive dynamics are related to larger harvests of primary agricultural crops, predominantly grains and legumes, as a result of higher crop yields. Production of the primary types of animal products also increased," the Eurasian Economic Commission said.The EAEU increased production of primary animal products in January-November 2022, with production of cattle and poultry for slaughter in live weight rising 2.5% year-on-year, production of milk 1.3%, and eggs 2.6%.Production of cattle and poultry for slaughter rose 3.4% year-on-year in Russia to 14.38 million tonnes, 2.8% in Kyrgyzstan to 398,200 tonnes, and 0.7% in Kazakhstan to 1.844 million tonnes. Production fell 2.4% in Belarus to 1.531 million tonnes and 5.1% in Armenia to 67,400 tonnes.Milk production rose in all states but Armenia, which saw production fall 7.1% to 537,600 tonnes. Kazakhstan boosted milk production 2.1% to 5.393 million, Kyrgyzstan 2% to 567,400 tonnes, Russia 1.5% to 30.348 million tonnes, and Belarus 0.6% to 7.223 million tonnes.Kyrgyzstan saw the highest growth in egg production in January-November 2022 at 8.3% and 567.4 million eggs. Production rose 4.9% in Kazakhstan to 4.623 billion eggs, 4.4% in Armenia to 625.6 million eggs, and 2.5% in Russia to 42.301 billion eggs. Production fell only in Belarus, dropping 1.4% to 3.177 billion eggs. (ICE ALMATY)

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