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19 Gennaio 2023

Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan


Turkmenistan halts gas exports due to problems at Galkynysh - Uzbek Energy Ministry Uzbekistan is experiencing interruptions in gas supply due to a suspension of gas exports from Turkmenistan amid anomalously cold weather, the press service for the Uzbek Energy Ministry said on Tuesday."An emergency that occurred due to anomalous cold on January 12 at a natural gas field of a neighboring country has led to a full suspension of imports of natural gas and a 20% reduction in electricity imports," the press service said.Turkmenistan has halted exports of gas to Uzbekistan due to problems at gas facilities of state concern Turkmengaz, the press service said. Hydrate formation on intrafield communications at the Galkynysh gas condensate field, the largest in the country, has been named as the reason. According to specialists, this happens under extremely cold weather conditions and is a force majeure circumstance.A source in the Energy Ministry told Interfax that Uzbekistan concluded a contract with Turkmenistan in December of last year to import an additional 1.5 billion cubic meters of gas during the winter. Daily supplies of gas have been increased from 15 million cubic meters to 35 mcm as a result, covering the country's shortage. Daily imports of electricity from Turkmenenergo have also been increased, from 17-18 million kilowatt-hours to 20-21 kWh."Although the throughput capacity of pipelines and main electric grids is enough to satisfy current maximum demand, there are problems providing energy resources to consumers due to a lack of resources," the press service said.Uzbekistan has halted electricity exports, in turn, in order to guarantee energy resources on the domestic market, it said.Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev harshly criticized those responsible for the energy sector at a meeting on Monday on measures to supply the public with energy resources without interruption during the winter. Jahongir Artykhojaev was dismissed from his post as Tashkent's hokim, or head of administration, for insufficiently preparing for winter. Deputy Energy Minister Sherzod Khodjaev and Farkhod Abdurakhmanov, chairman of the board of Thermal Power Plants, have also been dismissed. The heads of public utilities and gas and electricity distribution organizations were reprimanded and given stern warnings.Uzbekistan fully suspended exports of natural gas at the beginning of December due to growth in domestic consumption amid growing cold. Rolling blackouts were introduced due to freezing temperatures and a shortage of natural gas.The gas production capacities in Uzbekistan allow for production of approximately 70 bcm of natural gas, but due to depleted reserves, processing losses, and a lack of efficient system oversight, supplies of hydrocarbons have fallen substantially over the past 15 years. Gas production fell in the country 1.6% year-on-year in January-September 2022 to 38.85 bcm. According to the authorities, there is a gas shortage of up to 20 mcm per day in Uzbekistan during winter peaks. (ICE ALMATY)

Fonte notizia: Interfax