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25 Gennaio 2023



Libya’s state National Oil Corporation (NOC) plans to re-operate wholly owned Ras Lanuf industrial complex subsidiary at its full capacity.The revelation was made by NOC chairman Farhat Bengdara Monday at the General Assembly of the Ras Lanuf Oil and Gas Manufacturing Company held at the headquarters of the Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) in Benghazi.Chairing the General Assembly meeting as Chairman of the General Assembly of Ras Lanuf Oil and Gas Processing Company, Bengdara said all capabilities will be harnessed to re-operate the industrial complex at its full capacity.He explained that this is due to several important considerations, including strengthening and advancing the national economy. Moreover, the resumption of production operations will contribute to meeting the needs of local demand for various secondary industries, creating more opportunities for companies in the region. It will also provide new job opportunities for the private sector and the local workforce.Unlimited support for the entire oil sectorBengdara stressed the unlimited support for restoring life to the entire oil sector projects in all of Libya. he said this is so that the goal of increasing production is achieved and that the NOC plans to develop the infrastructure in the fields and ports and to make up for the missed development in the field of oil in the world during past years.For his part, Ras Lanuf Chairman, Shaaban Youssef Bsibso, explained the latest developments regarding the project to restart the industrial complex and what are the requirements for the next stage, and presented some of the projects that were implemented during the past months.He said the company was able to implement the first plan to restart the industrial complex by importing quantities of ethylene to operate the first line of the polyethylene plant, up to the stage of local marketing.All units of the plant are readyMeanwhile, speaking to Libya Herald, member of the Board of Directors and Director General of Operations, Abdul Razzaq Zariba, indicated the readiness of all units of the industrial complex, including the ethylene plant, after most of the operational tests of the plant’s systems and compressors had been conducted. He said they are now waiting for naphtha in order to start the final operation according to the approved operating manuals. (ICE TRIPOLI)

Fonte notizia: Libya Herald