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3 Febbraio 2023



Bank Indonesia (BI) will issue a proof of concept for Digital Rupiah in July 2023. Digital Rupiah was hoped to prepare Indonesia for digitalisation, digitisation of payments, and also digitisation of the rupiah, BI governor Perry Warjiyo stated during the launch of the 2022 Bank Indonesia Transparency and Accountability Report (LTABI) on Monday (30/1). He remarked that the Digital Rupiah will be issued in two types: firstly, Digital Rupiah wholesale (w-Digital Rupiah) that can only be used in a limited manner by central bank-appointed parties and can only be distributed to serve wholesale transactions and secondly, retail Digital Rupiah (r-Digital Rupiah) that can be used by the public and distributed for retail transactions. Warjiyo explained that development of the Digital Rupiah comprised three stages, which are the issuance of w-Digital Rupiah, expanding the functions and services of w-Digital Rupiah, and testing end-to-end integration of w-Digital Rupiah with the r-Digital Rupiah. Warjiyo also stated that he is optimistic that the rupiah will strengthen this year as FDI continues flowing to the country and the economic performance remains positive. In the period of 1-18 January 2023, BI recorded that the rupiah has strengthened by 3.18% point-to-point and 1.2% on average compared to the previous month, better than the currency appreciation of Philippines (2.08% ytd), Malaysia (2.04% ytd), and India (1.38% ytd). (ICE GIACARTA)

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