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9 Marzo 2023



The Lebanese Ministry of Environment (MoE) organized a seminar to launch the RE-MED Community platform and application.  This platform was created with the help of the Centre for Studies and Expertise on Risks, the Environment, Mobility and Urban Planning (CEREMA), along with the Lebanese Contractors Syndicate for Public Works & Buildings.  RE-MED Community aims to pursue the commitment to enable the circular economy in the Mediterranean.  It is worth noting that actors in the construction sector from Italy, France and Tunisia participated in the symposium to share knowledge and innovations in the relevant field.  The project of recycling and treating construction waste is regarded as crucial.  The MoE is also working towards a decentralization plan which includes the establishment of 14 service areas for waste collection and sorting in the country, as per the Lebanese Caretaker Minister of Environment.  The RE-MED Community tools are a space for exchange that allows the circulation of documentary resources, job and training offers, educational opportunities, expert databases, tenders and events related to the platform's projects.  The tools will allow the publication of offers of materials and equipment regarding the management and exploitation of construction and demolition waste.  It is worth noting that those participating in the application and platform will be working with actors in the value chain to apply circular economy as well as be active in the improvement of their living spaces. (ICE BEIRUT)

Fonte notizia: Bank Audi, Lebanon Weekly Monitor, 27 Feb. - 5 March 2023