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16 Marzo 2023



Indonesia is targeting two additional companies for "Global Lighthouse" status from the World Economic Forum (WEF) by the end of 2024. This status can spur the digital transformation of the national industry and become a magnet for high-tech investment. There are 132 companies that have obtained Global Lighthouse status since 2018, and two of them are located in Indonesia. WEF formed the Global Lighthouse Network, consisting of manufacturers who have implemented the industrial revolution to transform operational processes in factories, value chains, and business models. The operational transformation of manufacturers who achieve Global Network status is realized through the adoption of advanced technology, resulting in increases in productivity, processing efficiency, financial performance, workforce involvement, sustainability, and environmental footprint recording. Minister of Industry Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita said this target is oriented towards the transformation of industry 4.0, which increases competitiveness, efficiency, and competitiveness as well as product prices. The Indonesian government has set a target of adding at least 5-6 companies with the status of "National Lighthouse". As of this year, there are 13 companies that have held this status. Deputy Chairperson of the Coordinating Maritime, Investment, and Foreign Affairs of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin), Shinta W. Kamdani, explained that companies that obtain the status of Global Lighthouse tend to have a higher operational and financial return rate than those that have not received the status. Institute for Development of Economics and Finance researcher Ariyo D. P. Irhamna is of the opinion that the "Global Lighthouse" status can attract world investors, especially in the high-tech industry sector. Indonesia needs to be more ambitious in increasing the target number of companies obtaining the status, as China has 47 and Singapore has 4. (ICE GIACARTA)

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