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17 Marzo 2023



The World Bank reports that the Mozambican economy grew by 4.1 percent in 2022, led by the agriculture and services sectors which contributed 60% of the total, the result of improvements in productivity and the supply of services.Among the top agricultural investments since 2019 were improved seeds, irrigation and machinery, which boosted production values and productivity indexes. Private services grew 4%, against one percent in 2021.The data are contained in the bank’s 2022 Mozambique Economic Update, which provides a comprehensive review of economic growth and job creation in Mozambique.“Services and agriculture were responsible for 60% of total growth recorded in 2022, reflecting a large share of the recovery and improvement in agricultural productivity,” the report reads.The data also indicate that trade, transport and agriculture led economic growth in 2022. Hospitality also grew its contribution, and even public services such as education and social protection contributed to the good performance.In general, the bank’s assessment is that, in a context of increasing global economic activity, the increase in external demand and in the price of the country’s main exports, particularly coal and aluminium, contributed to the economic recovery in 2022. (ICE MAPUTO)

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