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20 Marzo 2023



With the participation of 75 industrial companies, the activities of the “Made in Syria” shopping festival “Welcome Ramadan” were launched on Saturday evening in Al-Nabek city in Damascus countryside.  The exhibits of the festival, which will last until the twenty-fifth of this month, vary between foodstuffs, chemicals, clothes, detergents, juices, and other materials that citizens need during the month of Ramadan.  Governor of Damascus countryside, Safwan Abu Saadi, said in a statement to reporters that the exhibition will cover the various regions of the province, as it contributes directly to reducing  prices. He stressed the importance of holding the current session’s exhibition in the city of Al-Nabek in attracting the people of Qalamoun and providing them with the goods they need at prices 15 to 30 percent lower than market prices.  In a similar statement, head of Damascus Countryside Chamber of Commerce, Osama Mustafa, indicated that the exhibition will cover all areas of the governorate and contribute to supporting the consumer because all goods are sold without mediation. The purpose for which it was created is to serve the consumer.  For his part, deputy head of the Damascus Chamber of Industry and its countryside, Talal Qalaji, confirmed that the companies participating in the festival aim to serve the consumer, indicating that the chamber continues to hold exhibitions in cooperation with the governorate so that the goods reach the citizen at the cheapest prices.  Head of the Consumer Protection Committee in Damascus and its countryside, Dr. Abdel Aziz Maqali, called for the expansion of such festivals, as they contribute to breaking prices and providing the citizen with somewhat discounted goods in light of the large rise in materials in the markets.  Member of the Provincial Council for the city of Yabroud, Imad al-Khatib, confirmed that holding the festival in the city of Al-Nabek is very important, as it is close to all the villages and towns of the Qalamoun region, and it will be easy to come and shop there. He pointed out that the festival includes all the products and commodities that the citizens need at competitive prices. (ICE BEIRUT)

Fonte notizia: Syria Times