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24 Marzo 2023



Chairman of the Executive Board of the Indonesian Cattle and Buffalo Breeders Association Nanang Purus Subendro said that one of the import bans in Lampung is a rule that says Indian buffalo meat can't be brought in. This regulation is stipulated in the Governor's Circular No. 524/2016. Kompas Research and Development found that total beef consumption in Lampung last year was 1,558.8 tonnes, and beef production in the same year reached 21,176.2 tonnes. However, there is still an oversupply of around 13,000 tonnes. In East Java, there is a surplus of more than 82,000 tonnes in 2022, as evidenced by the shipment of beef and ready-for-slaughter cows from East Java to the Greater Jakarta area.This shows that different regions can work together to make up for each other's beef shortages. The Jakarta Provincial Administration has taken the right step to collaborate with West Java, which has the highest level of beef consumption in Indonesia. Calculations using data from Susenas or the Agriculture Ministry show that Jakarta always experiences a beef deficit, making it impossible for Jakarta to meet supply shortages of more than 95,000 tonnes in a year independently. This collaboration also provides benefits for NTT, whose livestock continues to increase. North Kalimantan also needs attention, as its need for 1,000 tonnes of beef a year cannot be met due to production of 895 tonnes.Cattle farming in oil palm plantations is estimated to increase the supply of domestic meat at prices that are no less competitive than imported beef. Infrastructure is available everywhere. In Indonesia, 18 provinces have a beef surplus, and the government has planned to become the world's food barn in 2045. However, the budget spent on beef imports continues to increase, and imports are sensitive to global conditions. To reduce dependence on imports, it is important to look at conditions in each province and open inter-regional cooperation. Local-scale self-sufficiency can also be an option. (ICE GIACARTA)

Fonte notizia: Kompas - 24 March 2023