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24 Marzo 2023



According to the latest statistics issued by the Central Bank of Lebanon, the total balance sheet of financialinstitutions amounted to US$ 1,136.5 million at end-January 2023, registering a slight increase of 1.1% against itsfigure at end-2022.  In details, currency and deposits with Central Banks decreased by 3.2% from US$ 95.7 million at end-2022 to US$  92.6 million at end-January 2023.  Claims on resident customers declined slightly in January 2023 (0.9%) reaching US$ 529.8 million, with respect to  US$ 534.8 million at end-2022. Claims on non-resident customers decreased by 14.7% at end-January 2023 with  respect to end-2022, standing at US$ 10.4 million.  Claims on resident financial sector stood at US$ 298.6 million as at end-January 2023 increasing by 7.5% from  its figure by end-2022. Claims on non-resident financial sector reached US$ 39.1 million at end-January 2023,  revealing a decrease of 9.1% when compared to its level at end-2022.  Claims on the public sector recorded US$ 9.0 million at end-January 2023, registering an incline of 1.2% from its  figure at end-2022.  Securities portfolio declined to US$ 34.4 million at end-January 2023, down by 4.5% from its registered figure  at end-2022.  Tangible assets retreated slightly by 0.9% at end-January 2023 with respect to end-2022, reaching US$ 47.7  million. Similarly, intangible assets increased from US$ 56.0 million at end-2022 to US$ 64.2 million at end-January 2023, showing an increase of 14.6%.  On the liabilities side, resident customer deposits contracted by 4.4% registering US$ 182.9 million at end-January 2023, against US$ 191.3 million at end-2022. Non-resident customer deposits contracted slightly by  0.8% at end-January 2023 to stand at US$ 5.9 million.  Resident financial sector liabilities stood at US$ 126.6 million at end-January 2023, representing a considerable  increase of 20.3% from end-2022. Non-resident financial liabilities increased slightly from US$ 56.3 million at  end-2022 to US$ 57.3 million at end-January 2023, increasing by 1.9%.  Public sector deposits hiked to US$ 3.5 million at end-January 2023, witnessing an increase of 44.1% from its  figure by end-2022.  Capital accounts reported US$ 505.5 million at end-January 2023, up from US$ 502.5 million at end-2022, which  shows an increase of 0.6%. (ICE BEIRUT)

Fonte notizia: Bank Audi, Lebanon Weekly Monitor, 13 - 19 March 2023