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24 Marzo 2023

Stati Uniti


Hudson’s Bay Company Officially Goes Fur-free As North America's oldest company, Hudson's Bay's heritage started in the fur trade. Hudson’s Bay, a retailer with deep roots in fur, has stopped selling animal fur products. The Toronto-based Hudson’s Bay Company’s entire portfolio is now fur-free. Saks Fifth Avenue and Saks Off 5th committed to do so in 2021. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals touted the news Thursday, claiming that emails from 100,000 PETA supporters to Hudson’s Bay businesses and anti-fur protests outside of stores helped make the change. In October 2020, there were demonstrations outside of nine Hudson’s Bay and Saks Fifth Avenue stores. Executives at Hudson’s Bay were unavailable to comment Thursday about the company’s fur-free decision, according to a company spokeswoman. The only statement that would be made was issued by the retailer, “Hudson’s Bay does not sell fur.” (ICE NEW YORK)

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