News dalla rete ITA

28 Marzo 2023



A construction materials company from Milan, Italy, PT Mapei Indonesia, plans to open a factory in Central Java (Central Java). Mapei Indonesia's National Sales Manager Indrasuryo Budisantoso revealed this when answering a question from, Thursday (9/3/2023). According to Indra, Central Java was chosen because of its more strategic location, in the middle of Java Island, making it easier for product distribution to the west and east. The new factory in Central Java adds to the Cikarang plant, West Java, which the company has operated since 2016. "But this plan will be realized in the next five to 10 years," said Indra. The plan to open a new factory is in line with the market share growth target of 2.5 percent in this period from the current one percent. Mapei itself is known as a construction material manufacturer with a main focus on floor and wall adhesives. In addition, Mapei also has capabilities in chemical products used in the building industry, such as waterproofing products, special mortars, additives for concrete, products for underground construction, restoration of concrete and historic buildings. As an effort to introduce more products, Mapei Indonesia initiated the "Viralin Projectmu" competition. This competition is also a form of appreciation to all parties who have participated in advancing the Indonesian construction industry by selecting the right materials and the right application processes. "Through this competition, Mapei Indonesia invites the public to recognize the importance of using construction material products and the quality of building work in order to avoid unnecessary building damage," said Indra. (ICE GIACARTA)

Fonte notizia: Kompas - 9 March 2023