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28 Marzo 2023



The supporting facilities of Nusantara City, such as school, hospitals, and markets, will be ready before the arrivals of first batch of state civil apparatuses in 2024, Secretary of Nusantara City Authority Ahmad Jaka Santos Adiwijaya informed. The government is currently preparing a mechanism for moving the state civil apparatuses to Nusantara City, with the first batch happening in 2024, he noted. On the first phase, the total number of state civil apparatuses as well as national defense force and police personnel transferred to the city is recorded at 16,990 people. As part of the preparation, the government is pursuing the development of several facilities for the civil servants' convenience, such as sports center, greenery, apartments, and lakes, he detailed. Adiwijaya disclosed that the facilities have been planned since a long time ago and are ready to be developed. Among them are an international class hospital that will be established in the government area central core, and educational facilities by collaborating with educational institutions. Communication and Informatics Ministry officer Farida Dewi Maharani stated that moving to Nusantara City can become a solution to reduce traffic jam in Jakarta, population density, as well as a way to reach fair economic distribution. After the new capital city is established, some 970 thousand state civil apparatuses of central government, as shown by the National Civil Service Agency data per June 2022, will be sent there. This move will reduce Jakarta's density. This figure, however, does not include the number of family members joining the civil servants. (ICE GIACARTA)

Fonte notizia: Antara News - 27 March 2023