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6 Aprile 2023

Bielorussia - Kazakistan


Agreement on use in EAEU of navigation seals for tracking transportation takes effectThe agreement on the use in the Eurasian Economic Union of navigation seals for tracking transportation has taken effect, the press service for the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) said."The agreement on the use in the Eurasian Economic Union of navigation seals for transportation tracking, signed by the member states in Moscow on April 19, 2022, took effect on April 3, 2023," the report said.The intrastate procedures needed for the agreement to take effect have been performed in all countries of the Union, and the EEC has received relevant notes, the EEC press service said."The document has the status of an international treaty and establishes a legal foundation for the use in the EAEU of a new technological control instrument in the transportation of goods and road vehicles, navigation seals. The agreement applies solely to transportation taking place on the territories of two and more countries of the Union," the report said."The use of the said technology makes it possible to observe road vehicles and register every illegal action with goods located in sealed cargo compartments, if they occur, at a distance of hundreds and thousands of kilometers online. The use of navigation seals makes transportation transparent," the press service said.The agreement is aimed at minimizing the measures of state control in the transportation of goods (in transit, export and in mutual trade) and at ensuring their legal turnover on the territory of the Union."The agreement envisages gradual introduction of tracking with regard for the categories of goods and types of transport used to carry them. Such approach will ensure soft adaptation of transportation participants and state agencies to new working conditions that meet modern requirements. Today's reality indicates that the new modern control instrument is in the interests of both controlling agencies and foreign trade operators," the EEC said in its report.On March 7, 2023, the EEC Board approved a plan of events to introduce in the EAEU countries a mechanism for tracking transportation using navigation seal determined by the agreement on the use of navigation seal for transportation tracking in the EAEU. The corresponding roadmap, which should also be approved by the EEC Council at the level of deputy prime ministers of the countries of the Eurasian "five," contains a set of events. Their implementation will help start tracking transportation in the EAEU countries in January 2024. (ICE ALMATY)

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