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26 Maggio 2023



  TOURISM Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco on Thursday said improvement of tourism infrastructure and accessibility is the most vital among her department's seven objectives for increasing tourist traffic in the country. Guesting at The Manila Times Forum on "Encompassing Sustainability and Future-Proofing the Economy," Frasco said upgrading the country's gateways, particularly airports, will go a long way in luring more tourists. She identified the other objectives as: cohesive and comprehensive digitalization and connectivity, enhancement of the overall tourist experience, equalization of tourism product development and promotion, diversification of the tourism portfolio through multidimensional tourism, maximization of domestic and international tourism, and strengthening tourism governance through close collaborations with national and local stakeholders. Frasco also presented solutions, such as boosting efficiency and expanding routes, enhancing tourist experience, and minimizing airport glitches. She said the Department of Tourism sits with the aviation board of the Department of Transportation (DoTr) and makes suggestions on how to improve operations not only in terms of aesthetics but also in efficiency. (ICE SINGAPORE)

Fonte notizia: The Manila Times, 25 May 2023