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6 Settembre 2023

Russia - Kazakistan


Electricity exports from UES of Russia to Kazakhstan could total 3.15 billion kWh in 2024-2029 - UES System OperatorElectricity export supplies from the unified energy system of Russia (UES of Russia) in 2024-2029 should be near 10.5 billion kWh annually, according to the draft scheme and program of development of electric power systems for 2024-2029, which System Operator posted on its website.According to the document, "the value of capacity and electricity exports from the UES of Russia is derived from the information of PJSC Inter RAO (MOEX: IRAO)."According to the breakdown by country, Russia plans to supply about 700 million kWh annually to Mongolia through 2029, as well as 30 million kWh to Belarus, 1.7 billion kWh to Georgia, 161-175 million kWh to South Ossetia, and 300 million kWh to Azerbaijan. For Kazakhstan, a total volume of 3.15 billion kWh should be exported in 2024-2029.Supplies to China are expected to reach 4.5 bln kWh [this apparently concerns annual supplies, as exports to China in 2022 amounted to 4.7 bln kWh].Alexandra Panina, a member of the Inter RAO [Russia's export-import operator] management board, said in the spring that Inter RAO's electricity exports in 2022 amounted to 12-13 billion kWh. She expected a decrease at the end of the current year, as 2022 supplies still included EU countries at the beginning of the year.Ente: Interfax (ICE ALMATY)

Fonte notizia: Interfax