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10 Settembre 2023



PETRA and ANSA have signed an international collaboration accord, with the presence in video-link of the Italian Ambassador in Amman Luciano Pezzotti and representatives of the Jordanian Embassy in Italy. The "cooperation programme" envisages the availability and the exchange of content to be able to be used on the platforms of the two Agencies and the possibility of developing commercial collaboration projects in support of the communication of institutions and businesses in their respective Countries.    "I welcome with great pleasure the signing of today's accord between the Italian news agency ANSA and the Jordanian one PETRA," declared Ambassador Pezzotti, "aimed at increasing the flow of information between the two Countries as well as the knowledge of developments and initiatives of common interest to their respective publics.Today's agreement fits into a framework of deep and historical friendship, in which the already very sold bilateral relations can only draw further impetus from this new instrument at their disposal as of today".    For his part, Jordanian Ambassador Kais Abu Dayyeh underlined "it is a great pleasure for me to be with you and to witness the signing of the cooperation programme between the Jordanian news agency PETRA and its counterpart, the Italian news agency ANSA.    I am confident that this accord will help deepen and strengthen the solid relations between our two Countries, increasing mutual knowledge and shedding more light on all the aspects of bilateral cooperation, in particular trade, tourism, sustainable development and culture. Furthermore, this partnership will offer a great opportunity to improve the flow of information and will furnish an ample coverage of national and local events in both Countries. In this context, allow me to stress that next year, 2024, both our countries will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations; I have no doubt that the synergy between the two agencies will play a significant role in underscoring this important occasion, which will constitute a step forward in the strengthening of the long-established relations between our two nations." PETRA's director-general, Fayrouz Al-Mubaiddieen, stated that the cooperation programme will help enrich the two agencies' news services and to broaden the public's knowledge and information; Al-Mubaideen stressed the importance of this programme in contributing to the exchange of journalistic experience and good practices, able to improve the professionalism of work and boost the two agencies' information services. He also underscored that PETRA is keen to develop and modernise its services and therefore seeks to collaborate and exchange experiences with various news agencies, above all among the fast-developing modern media.    Stefano De Alessandri, ANSA's Managing Director, voiced satisfaction with the new accord that has been reached, which joins the 54 already forged over the last few months with the main agencies of the whole world: "The exchange of our respective news services is essential for a better coverage of what happens in the two Countries: the new accord will constitute the occasion for stipulating commercial agreements able to promote the visibility of Italian businesses in Jordan, and vice versa, as well as supporting technological development with the exchange of our respective best practices". (ICE AMMAN)

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