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10 Settembre 2023



Jordan Exporters and Producers Association for Fruit and Vegetables (JEPA) discussed, during a Jordanian delegation's visit to Romania, ways to enhance access of Jordanian products to global markets.According to a statement by Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO), its Executive Director, Abdel Fattah Kayed, said Jordan, within Economic Modernization Vision (EMV), prioritises increasing Jordanian exports to European markets.Kayed referred to efforts to build new partnerships and open way for Jordanian companies to gain international technical and marketing expertise, as Romanian market is the gateway to European markets.For his part, JEPA, Zuhair Jwaihan, said the visit is an opportunity to inform Romanian side of Jordanian agricultural product and conclude commercial deals.Meanwhile, Vice President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania , Eduard Costin, stressed the "deep-rooted, historical" bilateral relations and the desire to enhance economic cooperation, especially that Romania is on the threshold of joining European Union.Costin said presence of Jordanian partners for about 3,500 Romanian companies is a ground for launching further trade exchange, referring to the "strong" relations with economic actors in Jordan, primarily JEDCO.Romanian businesspeople affirmed their support for increasing import of Jordanian vegetables and fruits to the Romanian and European markets, due to their "high" quality.The two sides agreed to import a trial shipment of some materials primarily dates, olives and pickles through JEPA, the statement said.During the visit, the Jordanian delegation was briefed on "Metro Markets", one of the largest retail chains in Eastern Europe. (ICE AMMAN)

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