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24 Settembre 2023

Serbia - Iran


“The fields of tourism, especially health tourism and sports tourism, and also the agriculture sector are potential areas for cooperation between the two countries. Considering the lack of water in Iran and our desire for trans-territorial cultivation, Serbia has a very good potential for cooperation in this sector,” she said.Emphasizing that monetary and banking issues are also among the main obstacles to Iran-Serbia trade cooperation, she said: “We ask the embassies and related institutions of the two countries to take the necessary measures to facilitate banking transactions between the two sides.”“Barter trade can replace the monetary exchange between the two countries. Also, bilateral monetary agreements can facilitate this path,” the official added.According to Asadi, Iran, and Serbia can develop their relations through joint investment, implementation of joint projects, production of joint products, and export to Europe or West Asia.Referring to the good political relations between the two countries, Todorovic said: “In the past month, three important Serbian political delegations came to Iran and there is a lot of potential for cooperation.”Todorovic also announced that the 16th joint economic committee meeting of the two countries will be held in Tehran at the end of October. (ICE TEHERAN)

Fonte notizia: Tehran Times