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29 Settembre 2023



Toll road fees in Kazakhstan to rise 20% from Oct 3The toll road fees in Kazakhstan will be raised by 20% starting from October 3, 2023, Minister of Transport Marat Karabayev said.“Three elements will be changed in the payment mechanism for the toll roads. First, the toll fees will increase by 20%. Second, the fees will be pegged to MCI [monthly calculation index, which was set at 3,450 tenge for 2023]. As MCI rises, the fees will also go up. Third, a toll system will be introduced on new highways with two lanes only for cargo carrying vehicles but not for light-duty cars,” Karabayev said at a Thursday briefing.For trucks, the toll fee is expected to range between 15 and 30 tenge per km depending on their load capacity, according to the minister.Previously, only four-lane highways – 2,300 km long -- have been toll roads, including the highways Khorgos-Almaty, West Europe-West China, Astana-Schuchinsk, Astana-Pavlodar and Astana-Karaganda.The toll road fees in Kazakhstan have been flat since 2013, when first toll roads were put into operation, Karabayev added. (ICE ALMATY)

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