Global Start up Program

The Global Start up Program completed its journey in Slovenia. Promoted by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and realized by the Italian Trade Agency, the project aimed - during a first phase in Italy - to engage the Italian startups selected by the Ministry through a public tender and consolidate their skills. In the following phase abroad, it aimed to encourage new business opportunities and attract investment, thanks to agreements with the main international acceleration hubs. Slovenia - chosen as one of the 6 destinations, together with USA, UK, China, South Korea and Japan - defines itself as The Land of Startups: since 2012 the main local stakeholders and University professors created "Start: up Slovenia ”(part of the European Startup Network) to carry on innovative entrepreneurship programs at EU level and strengthen them at national level. Today the country is among the top European poles and - as it happens in Italy, thanks to the Ministry of Economic Development - the innovation sector enjoys facilities, financing and specific government programs. The project in Slovenia, in cooperation with Ljubljana’s ABC Accelerator, lasted three months and involved 5 young, innovative and dynamic Italian companies in the sectors of smart mobilityICTcircular economy and med-tech. During the closing event of the project, the Ambassador of Italy Paolo Trichilo pointed up the significant results achieved by the young entrepreneurs, in terms of scale up and commercial contacts.


GSUP in Slovenia Final Event