Market surveys / Tender notices

Market surveys / Tender notices

Professional Assistance Agreement Concerning The Italian Trade Agency Desk Turkmenistan Activity for a duration of 24 months ( 2024-2026).  

Date: July 18, 2024
Open Until: August 3, 2024

request of quotation Desk Turkmenistan

self-declaration form

Prior information notice to companies interested in partecipating in the selection procedure foreign Direct Investment Desk at ITA Istanbul, 14 January 2022, open until 31 January 2022

Notice of selection (TUR)

Notice of selection (ITA) 

Request for quotation for "specialized services in the protection of intellectual property and trade barriers" to provide professional assistance within the scope of the Desk for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights and Trade Barriers 2022-2023, 13 January 2022, open until 28 January 2022

Invitiation to quotation (TUR)

Invitiation to quotation (ITA) 

Annex 1 (Beyanat) 

Annex 2 (Documento Unico)

Request for quotation for booking and ticketing services and ancillary assistance for the Italian Trade Agency's office in Istanbul for a duration of 24 months, 22 December 2021, open until 7 January 2022

Invitation to quotation 

Annex 1 

Annex 2