GIVAL historical Italian company of jewellery is distinguished on the national and international market by passing on generations the most noble values of the goldsmiths tradition, of the family entrepreneurship and of the passion for the refined quality.
Every GIVAL masterpiece is born from the inspiration of ambitious designers and takes form in the hands of artisan experts to exalt the charm of every woman. Workmanship is done entirely by hand in Italy without giving up on leading techniques with which our goldsmiths accomplish creating unique, elegant and refined jewellery creations.
GIVAL jewels are the expression of “Made in Italy” result of the maximum care of the details and excellent quality of the raw materials. Precious stones are chosen by our gemologists after a careful analysis and the brilliants are distinguished not only on the basis of the famous “4 C” but also for the accurate microscope engraving technique.
GIVAL exports its collections to various countries around the world by supplying the most exclusive shops that seek the excellence and elegance of Italian craftsmanship.

Year of establishment:


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Annual turnover:

between 0.5 and 2.5 million Euro

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Export turnover:

From 250.000 to 750.000 Euro


Manufacturing of jewellery and gold art objects and related items

Manufacturing of jewellery and gold art objects in precious metals or plated in precious metals

Wholesale trade of watches and jewellery

Gival is an Italian High Jewelry brand, born from a long family tradition, dedicated to create exclusive high quality jewels collections in 18kt gold enriched with diamonds and precious stones. A love story for jewelry that sinks its traditions into the last century, handing down the art of beauty and goldsmith craftsmanship over generations. Each Gival Jewel is entirely handmade in Italy by our expert goldsmiths who put constant attention to details and to the selection of gems, punctilious chosen with quality and ethical criteria, thus making each jewel a piece of art that has been handed down over time. Gival’s mission has always been to produce exclusively in Italy, carefully preserving all the ancient techniques of craftsmanship, in harmony with the highest standards of the Italian goldsmith tradition. Each Gival Masterpiece is born from the inspiration of ambitious designers and takes shape in the hands of expert craftsmen to enhance the charm of every woman.

Spring Collection 2022 - Morganite

Spring Collection 2022 - Tanzanite

Solitaire Collection 2022







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Handmade ring in 18kt gold with natural Morganite and diamonds

Handmade ring in 18kt gold with natural Aquamarine, blue Sapphires and diamonds

Handmade ring in 18kt gold with natural Emeralds and diamonds

Our historical workshop

Gival jewels are a perfect combination of style and glamour