Guarneri Technology is a trade name with three generations' experience in calender manufacturing, which stands for quality engineering and innovative development in calender technology suitable for textile applications and technical textile materials up to 7.000 mm width. "Guarneri Technology", our philosophy has always remained the same: Only those who are more efficient and more flexible than the others have the competitive edge.

This motto applies not onl to us, but also to our customers. With more than 2.000 NIPCO rollers manufactured by VOITH, we have never lost our prior goal: To develop customized concepts which suit every individual demand of our customers.

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Annual turnover:

between 2.5 and 5 million USD

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Manufacturing of machinery for the textile, clothing and leather industries (including parts and accessories)

Manufacturing of textile machinery, machinery and systems for the auxiliary processing of textiles, machinery for stitching and knitting (including parts and accessories)

Manufacturing of machinery for the paper and cardboard industry (including parts and accessories)

Manufacturing of machinery for the plastic and rubber industry (including parts and accessories)

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Guarneri Technology in cooperation with Voith Paper Walztechnik is the world-wide leader in calender technology. With a wide range of Nipco rolls, like Nipco I, Double Nipco I, Nipco Flex, Nipco L, Nipco Wise and Nipco MM, Guarneri Technology can accomodate all costumers' needs.

With a dedicated Nipco HT for technical textile, that allows independent zones pressure to control perfectly the air permeability across the roller width.