Dear Sirs,
we are LEASEMEDICA SRL an Italian certified company.
Leasemedica srl company was born in 2012 with headquarters and offices in Naples (ITALY) and the production site in Salerno province (ITALY).
Leasemedica was born from the extensive, international experience acquired by his founder in the field of aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, aesthetics & wellness with the aim of producing medical and cosmetic products for skin-care, well-being and safety.
The care and attention in the choice of raw materials, respect for the environment and preference for national suppliers, together with the expertise of our staff of doctors, chemists and biologists, makes it possible to create safe, effective and innovative products .
At the moment our range of products, after scientific studies with competent staff and continuous analysis, has been expanded.
Thanks to these innovation we have expanded our range of action worldwide.
The excellent reputation of LEASEMEDICA SRL manufacturing has always been in the foreground and is imperative for us to continue this development.
A well-managed laboratory always guarantees products conforming with the latest regulations and market requirements.
Our manufactured products are delivered with our design and our registered trademark, or, upon request, with customer personalized design.
For third party production, Leasemedica has been a reliable partner for decades.
A flexible logistic guarantees punctual and reliable deliveries.
Our productions can be divided into three main matrices:
- Medical devices
UNI EN ISO 13485
- Professional cosmetic products for personal care
UNI EN ISO 22716 (Good Manufacturing Practices)

- Professional Aesthetic equipments
EMC 214/30/EU LVD 214/35/EU

The interests and objectives of our company are:
- increase the ability to meet the needs and expectations of its customers;
- the importance of pursuing the continuous improvement of own performance;
- the vision of the company as a set of processes aimed at providing products that meet the set requirements and market needs;
- transparency towards the reference markets
- cost control and increased productivity;
- professionalism, competence and reliability.

Our customers satisfaction even before their patients compliance, is our main stimulus for the continuous research of cutting-edge solutions.
Paolo Lamanna CEO

Year of establishment:


Number of employees:


Annual turnover:

Under 250.000 Euro

Reference year of turnover:


Export turnover:

Less than 75.000 Euro


Wholesale trade of medical and orthopaedic items


Physical well-being centre services

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Muscle stimulation & cellulite reduction



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Skin Restoration Program is a program that deals directly and incisively:
- the main causes of skin aging
- skin discoloration
- hair care and strenghtening
- adiposity and cellulite

Density Platelet Gel
PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) PRP is a unique tool of aesthetic medicine that allows to heal and restore the skin in a natural way, with the help of autologous plasma injections with high platelet retention of 1,000,000 platelets in 1 μl, obtained from the patient’s own blood

Hyal Klass Intensive is a hyaluronic acid 25mg, highly purified and cross-linked use (BDDE).
HyalKlass INTENSIVE consists of low and medium molecular weight HA (800-1200 Kdlt).

Designed and produced in Italy for the SKIN COLOR CORRECTION treatment and for the transdermal delivery of dermocosmetics line Skin Restoration program SRP+ of KLASSCOSMETICS into the skin.
The system is provided with two probes: MICRO-NEEDLING and ELECTRO-CHROMATIC transdermal for combined treatments.
The MICRO-NEEDLING PROBE used to execute a mechanicla action, through disposable micro-tips, to open un holes, tiny channel in the stratum corneum, making skin to temporanly become more permeable for vehiculation of HYALKLASS make-up in the SCC treatment.
The ELECTRO-CHROMATIC used to vehiculate the WHITEKLASS product into the skin as the first stage in the SCCS treatment, can be used SRP+ dermocosmetics delivery into the skin, creating through electricity, some channels, penetrating the thick barrier of stratum corneum.

HyalKlass Make-up
Make-up and moisturizing solution based on low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and plant extracts (organic pigments).
Ideal for hydration, whitening and in general to make the skin color homogeneous. Suitable for any skin type.