Il Dolce Forno

We are a bakery and patisserie company located in the heart of the province of Treviso with more than 50 years of experience. Our origins start with our founder Nonna Jole, who with her wise experience, has transmitted the flavours of tradition to our talented pastry chefs. Our products are characterised by tasty, refined and creative recipes capable of satisfying different types of customers with top quality products, made by carefully selecting the best ingredients.
Every day, we work to honour our family recipes and transform them into delicacies dedicated to the Horeca, Food&Service markets and also for the large-scale retail trade.
Our products are hand-crafted according to traditional recipes and in our range it is possible to find tiramisu, chocolate salami, fresh and frozen cakes, fresh and frozen single-portion cakes, Venetian-frittella, strudel, mousse, cheesecake, single-portion desserts and other confectionery products.
In September 2019, a new establishment was inaugurated, thanks to which, in parallel to an exponentially increased production capacity, a new department dedicated to new product development was created, a development that led to the launch of two new brands:
Sweetangelo, with the production of frozen bakery products for the Horeca and Food&Service markets, and Italysù, specialising in frozen desserts of excellence inspired by the Tiramisù of Treviso.
Our certifications include IFS Food (International Food Standard) certification, UTZ Cocoa certification and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certification for exporting products to the USA. , ,

Year of establishment:


Number of employees:


Annual turnover:

between 5 and 15 million Euro

Reference year of turnover:


Export turnover:

Less than 75.000 Euro


Production of bread; fresh pastry products

Production of fresh pastries

Product of crispbread and biscuits; production of preserved pastry products


Ice-cream parlours and pastry shops

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Our latest catalogue is available for you to consult all our references. For more information, please contact us at

Overview of our new brand Italysu, specialising in frozen desserts of excellence inspired by the Tiramisù of Treviso.

Product presentation of our brand Sweetangelo which offers a line of high quality baked and frozen cakes dedicated to the Horeca and Food & Service market.

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The exclusive line of single-portion tiramisu takes you on a journey of refined and creative flavours.
Our single-portion tiramisu is a small masterpiece that celebrates the Italian patisserie tradition in every detail. Consisting of three ladyfingers soaked in aromatic coffee, this dessert is an explosion of flavours and textures.
Our tiramisu line includes a wide range of refined and creative flavours:

Classic Tiramisu
Classic tiramisu prepared according to tradition. Each ladyfinger, soaked in coffee, are combined with a creamy 25% mascarpone cream, creating a harmony of sweetness and character that satisfies the senses.

Chocolate and coconut Tiramisu
This tiramisu is a journey through the world of flavours, with the coconut adding an exotic and refreshing note to the richness of the mascarpone and cocoa. The ladyfingers, soaked in the coconut syrup, lend an irresistible softness to every bite.

Salted caramel Tiramisu
The salted caramel tiramisu is an elegant interpretation of the Italian classic, enriched with a touch of creativity and refinement.
Each layer of this delicacy is a perfect blend of sweetness and complexity, with the ladyfingers biscuits dipped in coffee melting with the creaminess of the mascarpone and the touch of salted caramel providing a surprising and irresistible note.

Pistachio Tiramisu
Refined and original, our Pistachio Tiramisu is a single-portion in which the delicate mascarpone cream is enriched by the unique flavour of pistachio.
A moment of authentic culinary enjoyment, an experience that celebrates Italian tradition with a touch of creativity.

Èlite Tiramisu - 65% Mascarpone cheese cream.
Our single-portion tiramisu of the highest quality is the symbol of excellence for the Horeca market and who wants to offer their customers an unforgettable gourmet experience.
With an extraordinary 65% mascarpone cream, our mascarpone cream gives the dessert an unrivalled creaminess and roundness of flavour. This dessert is sophisticated and flavourful.

Our Red Velvet cake is a masterpiece of balance between taste and aesthetics.
The Red Velvet sponge cake bases, with their distinctive colour, are delicately soaked in raspberry syrup, creating an irresistible combination of softness and freshness.
The mascarpone cream, with its velvety texture, envelops the cake with a sweetness that blends perfectly with the fruity flavour of the raspberries. The cake is finely decorated with raspberries, which add a hint of freshness and a touch of vibrant colour. The result is a creation that enchants the eyes and delights the palate, each bite is an explosion of flavour. Our Red Velvet cake is perfect for celebrating special moments or treating guests with a touch of elegance.

Our single-portion chocolate Mignon is a small masterpiece of artisanal craftsmanship.
The layers of chocolate sponge cake, soft and enriched by the strong flavour of cocoa, blends perfectly with the apricot jam, creating a harmony of flavours that delights the palate with every bite. The chocolate icing topping completes this experience, adding a hint of crunchiness.

It is also available the Pistachio Mignon option with layers of sponge cake embracing a generous dose of soft pistachio cream.

Our lemon cake is the symbol of Italian artisanship. It is an explosion of Italian authenticity that is perfect to start the day, for a boost during a snack or as a treat at the end of a meal. Prepared by our talented pastry chefs with friable shortcrust pastry at the base, a velvety lemon cream filling inside and topped with delicate pound cake. All decorated with elegant icing sugar.

Our Lemon Cake is part of the SweetAngelo brand, which offers a line of high quality frozen cakes dedicated to the Horeca and Food & Service market.
The careful selection of raw materials and the respect for historical and original recipes ensure that this brand's references bring back the taste of home and tradition.

Softness, creaminess and sweetness: our single-portion three chocolate mousse is a unique sensory experience.
This dessert is a union of flavours, with three different chocolate nuances blending harmoniously in a triumph of sweetness and intensity. Dark chocolate, with its depth and strong aftertaste, combines with the sweetness of milk chocolate and the delicacy of white chocolate. This combination creates a soft, silky mousse that enchants the palate with every bite.