Naturaequa srl

We are a small company of natural cosmetics
Our idea of natural and fair trade cosmetics was born in 2012 from our chemist and cosmetologist Luigi Barbieri.
Luigi has worked for years in the traditional cosmetic sector, but his real goal was to be able to offer natural, organic and quality cosmetics. This is why he created the Naturaequa organic cosmetic line.

A new organic, natural and ethical cosmetic line
Our goal is to offer you natural cosmetic products, without petrochemical derivatives, silicones, parabens, synthetic perfumes or dyes.
We formulate our cosmetics with seriousness and simplicity, always listening to your needs and informing ourselves in depth about what can be linked directly and not to our products.

We carefully choose our ingredients, which all come from small organic farms that respect our true KM philosophy and support fair trade.

Even our packaging is sustainable and respects our idea of ethics, using bioplastic, recycled or plastic-free plastic.

With our organic cosmetic line we don't want to offer just a product, but a real lifestyle choice that can make the difference.

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Under 250.000 Euro

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Export turnover:

From 75.000 to 250.000 Euro


Manufacturing of perfume and cosmetics

Wholesale trade of perfume and cosmetics

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Our environmental commitment, always evolving

Bioplastic? Yes!

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Genova (GE)

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Emulsion with anti-aging action, ideal for the daily hydration of all skin types, especially combination and/or sensitive skin. Excellent make-up base, it contains organic hydrolates of Rosa Rugosa and Rosa Muscosa at Km zero of Valle Scrivia, hyaluronic acid, extracts of aloe arborescens, basil, Ligurian saffron and vitamin E.

How to use: apply to previously cleansed skin and massage with circular movements until completely absorbed. To intensify its smoothing action, try it together with the Naturaequa double hyaluronic acid gel and the other products in the Due Rose line.

Packaging in bioplastic, vegetable plastic obtained from sugar cane waste, to be recycled in the separate collection of plastic.

Aiab certified organic product

VeganOK certified product

Made in Italy certified product

Nickel Tested product

Format: 50ml

Soft and lathery, but with the invigorating power of Sicilian citrus.

The absolute purity of food-grade green mandarin and sweet orange essential oils combine with Ligurian basil, saffron and aloe in a blend that is zesty and super-hydrating. Particularly delicate surfactants and the sweetness of organic, fair-trade cane sugar from Paraguay make it even more suitable for the whole family.

How to use:
Apply to wet skin, massage to obtain a light lather, rinse with plenty of water and complete the experience with Green Mandarin Body Lotion for soft, silky skin.
Aiab certified organic product

VeganOK certified product

Made in Italy certified product

Do you dream of soft, healthy hair that is silky to the touch? Thanks to baobab oil (organic and fair-trade), an ingredient used in Africa for millennia, this Extra-Nourishing Conditioner will make your dream a reality! An incredibly rich and extra-nourishing formulation, especially intended for those who are looking for something more than just a normal conditioner, it is also enriched with argan oil (organic and fair-trade), rice proteins and local olive oil.
This conditioner untangles the toughest snarls. Ideal for very dry or chemically treated hair, it will restore vitality even to split ends!
Try it with herbal hair dyes for a stunning effect!
How to use: Wet your hair thoroughly and apply a suitable amount of product based on the length of your hair. Rinse well.
Aiab certified organic product

VeganOK certified product

Made in Italy certified product

With a light texture, this spray conditioner is formulated to add elasticity and shine to your hair. Also recommended, or perhaps better to say above all, for the unruly hair of children. It is not greasy, does not require rinsing and allows you to tame even the most untangled hair when dry.

Sapote oil (Organic) is an ingredient with extraordinary protective and moisturising properties, used by the ancient Mayans and Aztecs to give their hair its shine. In fact, focused research has proven that the presence of squalene, beta-carotene, tocopherol, triterpenic alcohols and acids are capable of giving new life to damaged hair, and stimulate an increase of microcirculation in the scalp.

The formula is further enriched with brown alga extract, corn starch, vegetable silicones, aloe extract, basil extract and saffron extract which help to untangle and soften hair without leaving it feeling greasy. Suitable for dry and frizzy hair.

How to use: spray on damp, or dry, hair and style as normal. For an even more effective result, leave for a few minutes before styling. Do NOT rinse.
Aiab certified organic product

VeganOK certified product

Made in Italy certified product

A delicate soft shampoo based on Aloe Arborescens from Liguria, ideal for normal hair or for frequent washing.
Also contains with rice starch, kariè butter, sweet almond oil, corn oil, carrot oil, panthenol and vitamin E.
An innovative formulation, with a soft and delicate foam.
The shampoo has a hole in the center where you can insert a cord to be able to hang it and optimize its use in the shower.
Lasts up to 100 washes!
How to use: rub on wet hands or directly on wet hair.
A small amount is enough.
Rinse well and repeat the operation if needed.
In order to preserve it in the best possible way, we have created the ’reusable’ aluminum container indefinitely where it can be stored ventilated and dry.
The solid shampoo is part of the "iconcreti" line: discover the other solid hair products.
Paper packaging, recyclable, plastic free!
Natural product, without petrochemical derivatives, silicones, animal derivatives.
KmVero product, VeganOK, naturally not tested on animals
Size: 80g