Del Pia s.r.l.

Del Pia Company is specialized in the production of jewelry with the use of tube and hollow chain to make products with high aesthetic value and price.
The technological upgrading has given the company a good competitive advantage, essential for world market success.
Our imperative is the continuos product innovation. Twenty people and a network of laboratories are the engine of Del Pia Factory that recognizes its value of teamwork, quality and service.

Year of establishment:


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Annual turnover:

between 5 and 15 million Euro

Reference year of turnover:


Export turnover:

From 5 to 15 million Euro



Manufacturing of jewellery and gold art objects and related items

Manufacturing of jewellery and gold art objects in precious metals or plated in precious metals

Retail trade or any type of product over the internet

This video shows the manufacturing process of our Patent 2begold

This video shows how the crystals are set on the surface of the tube

This video shows the Del Pia factory in Arezzo

2begold patent

Gold you can afford


DEL PIA s.p.a.


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The Del Pia Company is the inventor and owner of the Mosaico patent, which has born out of a constant research for technical innovations, at the service of creativity and Italian style.
Mosaico springs up from the undisputed genius of the Del Pia Company: a completely innovative process that exceeds microfusion and uses Swarovski crystals set in a flat surface, making every jewel lighter and incredibly luminous.
Thanks to a unique milling process the surface of the jewellery allows a special hot resin to grip, holding the Swarovski crystals one by one: the union of these elements is long-lasting.
With the Mosaico technique the Swarovski crystals remain purely on the surface: they maintain their natural brightness giving life to a unique piece of jewellery, at an extraordinarily accessible price.

The del Pia brothers’ business created and owns the rights to the 2begold patent, based on constant research into technical innovation at the service of creativity and an all-Italian style.
2begold is an evolved jewel at a affordable price. It consists of a tube of silver in a tube of gold supported by a copper cylinder for processing. The ratio of gold to silver is about 1 to 10.
The two precious metals arealready tubular in form; the jewel retains its shape after the copper is removed from the inside and looks just likea product all in gold.
A complex process isrequired to weld (plate)the two tubes, using laser technology to create a jewel of unique beauty and exceptional cost.


Tress’or was fashioned by taking a fresh look at ancient weaving techniques. Born thanks to the creative flair bears the name of Del Pia it joins precious, hollow filaments in a contrasting movement that produces delicate jewelry with an innovative and exclusive design.
The unique beauty of this artifact, made completely by hand, lies in the special linkage between the tubular elements, which produce harmonious, wavy surfaces embellished with touches of color and diamond cut to add extra shine.

The Del Pia Brothers Company is creator and owner of the patent “Brilliant Light”, born by the continuous technical Innovations at the service of creativity and Italian style.

The manual intervention on the manufacture , allows to decorate the thin hollow tube with delicacy , obtaining a durable and incredibly light weight product.

The processing , by diamond cutting machine manual control patented , highlights the bright light and gives the product the charm of a unique and original piece.

The tradition of artisan touch, together with the innovation of an avant-garde machine, gives the designer maximum freedom of expression and an explosion of light and color.