Montenero is a new-solution and innovative oriented company.

We deal everyday with manufacturing and technology.

We design and build machineries for the textile and nonwoven industry since the ‘80s.

Our company distinguished itself for the manufacturing of highly reliable fly comb systems.

We also have been providing assistance/maintenance to mattress
producers for a long time.

This gave us the opportunity to get a deep knowledge of machineries involved in production as well as their problems and weak points.

Our aim is to provide our customers durable/reliable/long life machineries designed for an easy use and an easy maintenance. Everything is done to meet our customers’ evolving needs. We also can offer you customized solution.

Number of employees:


Annual turnover:

between 0.5 and 2.5 million Euro

Reference year of turnover:


Export turnover:

From 250.000 to 750.000 Euro



Manufacturing of machinery for the textile, clothing and leather industries (including parts and accessories)

Manufacturing of textile machinery, machinery and systems for the auxiliary processing of textiles, machinery for stitching and knitting (including parts and accessories)

Manufacturing of machinery for special use nec (including parts and accessories)

Manufacturing of other items nec

EGO 3500 SBD electronic flycomb system at work

EGO 3500 SBD electronic flycomb system

ARPI - pillow and mattress roll-packing machine for the bedding industry

conveyor system (2way + 4way)

Montenero - conveyor system

Montenero - ARPI roll-packing machine for the bedding industry

Montenero MAGO2 mattress border machine

Montenero - Textile Blades, Comb Blabes _ shape, TPI

Montenero - EGO electronic flycomb system

Electronic flycomb for the wool and nonwoven industry. Can be installed on any type of existing carding machine. Available in any working width up to mm3800

Spare comb blades for any type of flycomb system. Blades manufactured at Montenero (Made in Italy). Available all TPI from 4 to 16. It's possible to manufacture custom TPI upon request.

Automatic system to pack pillows in a roll shape. Available in 3 sizes.

High-speed border machine and wide working width (up to mm800) to embroider mattress border combining various layers of fabrics. Central unit is represented by the new sewing head MULTINERO 500. It’s a high-speed multineedle sewing machine, completely engineered by Montenero