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Ecosalute is an Italian company, born near Piacenza more than 20 years ago. We find our roots in the thoughts, research and beliefs of our founder, which focused all his attention on the importance of cleansing and detoxifying the body to promote general health. From these foundations we grew through out the years, finding consent and loyalty from our customers, who shared this approach to wellbeing and stood alongside us. We also implemented and deepened the research and science behind our creations, and grew as business.

Nowadays, following this approach and vision, we continue the research for top quality raw materials and the best manufacturing practices to create new ways to support our customers’ health.

Ecosalute has been one of the first companies in Italy using the e-commerce as main channel of sales, and the online success is continuously growing. But still, we truly believe that human contact is a fundamental value of our Company. In our daily office work, we always take the time to answer and assist our customers, either on the phone, via email and text. Sometimes they also come to see us in the office, where we have a small shop!

Our lasting presence in the Health and Beauty market has its roots in these two aspects: the quality of the products we create and the continuous support for our customers.

In order to keep this relationship even stronger, we release newsletters twice a week: we talk about wellbeing, nutrition, herbs, our products and more.

We are also entering the retail channel in pharmacies, herbal shops and healthy stores: with special promotions, great communication system and many meetings and conversations we are finding our way to success day after day.

The care we demonstrate and put in our daily work attitude comes from the thrust and belief in what we create, promote and sell. And even more in what we do, as human beings and as professionals to grow and improve with and within the Company.

From Piacenza, to the whole Italian territory, today our desire and planning bring us to export. We wish to bring our history, our beliefs and our care in what we do to everyone around the world.

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between 0.5 and 2.5 million Euro

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Less than 75.000 Euro




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Business Proposals
Date of release Abstract Sectors
03/01/2023 Offer: Total body cleanse with a complete program based on herbal blends Food Industry
29/11/2022 Offer: Pomegranate and Avocado based face and body skincare to clean, nourish and hydrate Cosmetics, jewelry, sporting goods, optical products, hobby articles

Zeolite Clinoptylolite is a mineral of volcanic origins.

It has the recognised property of absorbing toxins, without being absorbed by the gut. This mechanic action allows Zeolite to be registered as Medical Device, with the guarantees of safety and efficacy which derives from it.

Zeolite’s ability to bind toxins, in particular heavy metals, is given by its physical structure: it is like a 3D web where the toxins get trapped and then than get excreted, improving also the bowel movements. This makes Zeolite also useful in case of stypsis or slow gut function.

Ecosalute Zeolite is in tablets form, to facilitate the intake and avoid the not pleasant taste of this mineral. We recommend the intake of 6 tablets per day in acute phase of detox (in particular from heavy metals), and 3 tablets per day as maintenance, in particular in case of slow bowel movements.

In our daily life pollutants of any sort cumulate on our skin, face in particular as it is the most exposed one. From the air toxins, to the dust, to debris of any source, to microbes. A good practice is to remove this unwanted dirt form our skin with a delicate but effective scrub.

The face scrub of our Pomegranate skincare line is based on Almond and Hazelnut shells, which have a gentle scrubbing action and remove debris, pollutants and everything else sitting on our face skin. It also contains Punic and Ellagic acid from Pomegranate, with antioxidants properties, and Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate the skin.

We recommend the use of the face scrub once a week, to maintain the skin clean and bright. Remember to always use a serum and a moisturizing cream to nourish and hydrate the skin.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant and supports many body functions (among which collagen formation, liver detox phase 2, immunity development…). It is naturally present in food, especially yellow and orange fruits and vegetables. Some sources are richer than others like kiwi, acerola, camu camu, rosehip, goji berry.

An import peculiarity of Vitamin C is that its absorption in the gut is saturable: this means that above a certain amount, we do not absorb Vitamin C anymore. This quantity (per dose) is around 180 mg.
Moreover, L-Ascorbic Acid has a very poor bioavailability as it is the synthetic form of Vitamin C.

This is why Ecosalute decided to create a Vitamin C supplement base only on natural Vitamin C, entirely extracted from food ( Rosehip and Acerola) for a total of 165mg in 2 capsules. This is a good amount to take daily, but in case of need the dose case be repeated twice o three times per da. The important thing is that the intake is spread all over the day.

This high quality, well balanced and clean Vitamin C will provide a fair amount in the best form ever of this essential nutrient, without overloading the liver and the kidneys for the excretion of the extra that will not be absorbed.

The Balance Mix Clark is one of the first formulations Ecosalute released, and it is still one of the most requested by our customers. It is a combination of herbs created to cleanse the gut and eliminate parasites, a procedure which is suggested to be done twice a year to maintain gut health and promote its functions.

The Green Walnut Husks and the Absinthe has a strong detox action, plus they support digestion and liver activity. Cloves stabilize gut functionality and promote gas excretion and Burdock has a draining action on body fluids and facilitate the excretion of toxins. Olive Leaves extract has vasodilating properties and improves circulation in the gut, supporting the elimination of toxins.

There is a specific program to follow in order to cleanse the body, as the studies of doctor Hulda Clark showed. The recommendation of intake is: take 40 drops twice a day for 15 day. Than stop for 15 days. Take 40 drops twice a day for other 15 days to finish the cycle.

Always remember to drink plenty of water and eat fruits, vegetables and fibres during detox programs, to support the body in the cleansing process.

Joints pain or reduced mobility is one of the problems that comes with aging and as a consequence of a sedentary lifestyle. Of course exercising in a proper manner, daily, is the key to prevent these problems from occurring or from worsening, but sometimes some help is needed.
Nature offers us a variety of herbs and molecules which have strong antinflammatory effect, which promote the formation of collagen, and so cartilage, and which have a painkilling activity.
In MSM Pro Active you can find all of them. MSM is the organic form of Sulfur, which support collagen formation, Glucosammin Sulfate is an important building block of cartilage, as well as Chondroitin. Turmeric has antinflammatory properties, like Devil’s Claws, which is also able to reduce pain especially in the joints and bones. We recommend the intake of 2 tablets per day after meals.