The national automotive supply chain, with over 2,300 companies, employs 160,204 direct employees and 93,288 indirect employees, for a total of 253,492 employees, that is 7% of those employed in manufacturing industry. Approximately 73% of Italian companies export part of their production. As about direct employees, Italy is the 5th country in the EU, after Germany, France, Poland and Romania. The turnover of production activities (direct and indirect) in the automotive sector is worth € 93 billion, that is 10.5% of the turnover of the manufacturing industry and 5.6% of GDP at current prices.

The presence of historical and renowned brands and car manufacturers make Italy a market of great interest.

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Competitive Advantage

  • € 78.54 billion of purchases of goods and services were made, 11.6% of purchases by the manufacturing industry.
  • € 1.7 billion were invested in R&D from direct production activities in the automotive industry, accounting for 13.2% of total R&D expenditure (including agriculture and extractions) and 18.8% of total manufacturing industry R&D spending.
  • Europe remains the most important area for exports of parts and components of the supply chain, exports to the Asian countries and to North America in the last few years have remained substantially stable. The growth of exports has therefore had other landings and more precisely in Turkey, Poland, Brazil, Russia, Serbia and the Czech Republic, all countries (with the exception of the Czech Republic) united by the significant Italian industrial presence.