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The constant improvement of macroeconomic indicators and the huge amount of liquidity available to the financial system are the main factors that lie at the base of Italian real estate market’s current growth.

We offer you a portal dedicated to the presentation of offers in public investments, public investee companies or public-private companies, companies to Italian and foreign operators:

The portal offers diversified investment opportunities, divided into two macro-categories: on the one hand properties ready for an already defined enhancement, such as historic buildings suitable to be transformed into prestigious offices or "charming" hotels; on the other, real estate development operations - for example, properties to be transformed or areas to be built - whose valorisation can be directed towards the most adequate and sustainable solutions, by comparison with the market of potential users and investors.

Competitive Advantage

  • the Italian Real Estate market continues its relaunch, thanks to a return of direct investments, a pillar of family allocation
  • foreign investors continue to have a central role, with an incidence on transactions of 70%, equal to 7.6 billion Euros in investments in 2017.
  • in 2017 investments have increased by 20% compared to the previous year, while the share of Italian investments over the European total - according to the estimates - amounts to 3.8% (against the 3.6% in 2016).