Italy is home to one of the most competitive and cutting-edge semiconductor industries in Europe, characterized by a network of enterprises carrying out manufacturing as well as research activities of semiconductors, operating at the support of key technology leading sectors such as ICT, automotive, robotics and energy. Italy is highly committed to enhancing its strategic role as a key European hub for the design, manufacturing, assembly, testing and packaging of semiconductors. 

In particular, Italy's unique value proposition can be summarized as follows:

proximity proximity to growing end markets
fertile semiconductor fertile semiconductor ecosystem
high-skilled high-skilled labour pool
highly supportive optimal fab buildout conditions
strong growth highly supportive government



From Italy it is possible to capture fast growing chips markets such as automotive, industrial and defense, where the EU has a strong competitive advantage:

Global semiconductor

Additionally, Italy gives the possibility to reach vast markets, including the EU, North Africa and Middle East.

FERTILE SEMICONDUCTOR ECOSYSTEM - Great science and research capabilities

In Italy a virtuous interaction between industry and academia sustains competitive advantages:

Italy is a fertile semiconductor ecosystem thanks to:
-the presence of numerous world-leading semiconductor companies throughout the supply chain
-great science and research capabilities
-a first-class talent pool

Furthermore, the country holds a leading position in EU by number of scientific citiations on subjects related to Microelectronics, and the three most cited academic realities are:
- the National Research Center (CNR)
- Polytechnic of Milan
- Padua University



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On September 6th-8th, 2023 the event Semicon Taiwan 2023 took place at Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei, with about 950 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors from various countries of the world. 

ITA Office in Taipei participated with its own pavilion. Together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy, the articulated Italian microelectronics system -from research, talent training, chip design and production, to public support measures- was illustrated in order to boost the interest of potential Taiwanese investors.

Taiwanese companies, protagonists of the sector at a global level, can find in Italy opportunities for scientific and industrial collaboration as well as productive investment.


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